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RIOTT Clinic

As part of a strategic review of the Maudsley Hospital in South London that involved the relocation of several departments, we completed a new medically supervised injectable clinic by adapting and refurbishing existing spaces previously used as a physiotherapy department on October 2012.

The clinic incorporates a large open plan waiting and reception area that can also be used for group meetings, large therapy sessions and to provide information about treatments available.  A discrete clinical space for supervised injections is linked to a recovery space through an archway formed through the original thick masonry walls of the hospital.  Ancillary spaces are also provided such as a clinic room and medication room formed from existing administration spaces within the adjacent Acute Assessment Unit.

In order to reprovide the administrative spaces a bridge over a basement level access path was included in the design to extend the Acute Assessment Unit into nearby spaces.  The bridge is constructed from a timber frame and rendered insulationin and corporates an internal ramp and slot windows that follow the change in level between the two areas.